Water Main Flushing

Each year in the Spring the Kittery Water District flushes all the water mains in our system. This is done by flowing water through the fire hydrants at a high velocity in the opposite direction of normal flow. Any sediment that is in the water mains will be released through the hydrants during this process. The water is often discolored after flushing but should settle out shortly. Running a large water orifice in your home (such as the tub faucet or an outside sillcock) will help clear up your service line quicker after flushing. We schedule flushing at times to minimize customer disruptions, however some customers may experience reduced water pressure during flushing.

In addition to the annual Spring flushing program, flushing of various lines will occur throughout the year to address water quality concerns and perform general maintenance.

Questions or concerns should be directed to Michael Rogers, Superintendent at (207) 439-1128