Reckless ATV Operation on the Watershed Trails

To: YWD/KWD Watershed ATV Permit Holders

Subject: Reckless ATV Operation on Water District Property

The York and Kittery Water Districts have identified an increase in dangerous and reckless operation of ATVs on our watershed properties.

Documented activities observed recently:

  • Fishtailing
  • Off Trail Riding
  • Spinning/Donuts
  • Operating Under the Influence
  • Speeding, and more

In addition to the safety risk, damage to management roads, trails, and landings create additional soil erosion, water quality deterioration, and financial burden for both Districts.

If these actions continue, the Districts will be forced to consider enforcement action including, but not limited to ATV permit suspension, size/power restrictions, night or seasonal closures, and trail closure.

Use of the YWD/KWD watershed trails is permitted for the enjoyment of all, and responsible use is critical to keep this area open now and into the future. If you see something, say something.

More information, including our watershed rules of use can be found here: Watershed | York Water District

Questions may be submitted by reply to this email, or by calling the Resource Protection Office at (207) 363-2265.