Newsletter November 2020

Customer News                                                                                                       November 2020

You are receiving this letter because you are a customer of the Kittery Water District. We are a quasi-municipal water utility serving customers in Kittery, Eliot, and York. That means we are not part of any town government. But we do work closely with the governments in each town to coordinate construction projects and to make sure we have enough clean water for everyone we serve. Since we also provide water to the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, we are responsible for treating and moving a lot of water every day.

As a quasi-municipal water utility, we exist because of a charter, ratified by the State of Maine, that explains how we are organized. We are regulated by the Maine Public Utilities Commission and file reports throughout the year to stay in compliance. Your water district is run by a superintendent who oversees the whole organization. He is advised by a board of three trustees, who are each elected for a term of three years. The terms are staggered so one trustee is up for re-election each year.

This year our election will be on Tuesday, December 8, between 7:30AM and 4:00PM. During that time, ballots can be picked up at the Kittery Water District Office’s Drive-up window, with ID & proof of residence within the Original District. The ballot box will be placed outside. A week later, on December 15, we will hold our Annual Meeting to decide which trustee will hold which officer position for the next year. While our charter currently dictates that only customers who reside in the Kittery Water District’s “Original District” may run for the position of trustee or vote in a KWD trustee election, our Annual Meeting is open to everyone. The list of streets which make up the Original District can be found on our website (, or requested by calling the District office at (207)439-1128.

Earlier this year we submitted an act to change the KWD Charter. Language in the change was determined to be unconstitutional so we withdrew the act to make corrections. The issues being changed in the charter are who can vote, who can serve as trustee, and how many trustees are appropriate for a district serving 10,000 people. We want all customers to have the right to serve as a trustee and to vote for their trustees.

If you have any questions or want to speak with the current board, we meet every Wednesday morning at 7:30. You are invited to join this Zoom meeting, and can get the link by requesting it from the Superintendent at

Please visit our website for updates and consider providing us with your email address by clicking on “Update Email Address” at the bottom of the page.

It is our sincere honor to serve as your Kittery Water District Board of Trustees.

Thank you.