Meter Exchange Program

Meter exchange

The District is required by the Maine Public Utilities Commission to test water meters at various intervals at least every 8 years to ensure accuracy of the meter readings.

If we are requested to exchange your meter this will be done at no charge to you.

The District is slowly moving to using Radio Read style meters that enable us to read the meter from the road. Many residents like this process as we don’t need to get into your home or even on your property. This type of meter reading is also beneficial to the District as we can read meters faster and with less exposure to delays and possible conflicts at the customers home. (Dogs, locked gates, etc.)

Due to the cost of these Radio Read style meters the change out of the entire Districts 5,400 meters will take many, many years to complete.

If you would like to have your meter changed to the Radio Read style sooner than later, please contact our office at 439-1128 to schedule an appointment.