Meeting Info Center Now Live !

The new Meeting Info Center is now available here on the KWD website under the “Trustee Meetings” tab. This is a part of our ongoing efforts to better organize and archive our meeting materials and to make them more easily accessible to the public. Work on this page started in April 2022.

The Meeting Info Center page replaces the “Meeting Minutes” and “Meeting Recordings” pages that presesntly exist under the “Trustee Meetings” tab on the Home Page. This is your “one-stop-shop” for information about past Trustee meetings.

For each meeting the following data are provided:

  • Date of the meeting.
  • Type of meeting: Regular, Special, Executive Session, Workshop, etc.
  • Recording (Link) : Videos starting January 13, 2021, Audio only for December 9, 2020.
  • Minutes (Link) : Minutes for regular, special and workshop type meetings from August 14, 2019.
  • Packets (Link) : Full meeting packet as are distributed to the Trustees since January 19, 2022. Previous to that paper packets were assembled and disributed to only the trustees. They were not previously assembled in a single pdf file. Since January, 2022, meeting packets in pdf format have also been posted on the website under “Trustee Meeting” -> “Upcoming Meeting Agenda and Packet” on the Wednesday before the next Trustee Meeting.

You will still find the agenda, packet and registration link for upcoming meetings at “Upcoming Meeting Agenda and Packet.” Material from each meeting will be added to the Meeting Info Center as soon as possible after the meeting.