” What are the blue marks in the road in front of my property”?


The District continues to map all water infrastructure points using our Trimble GPS collection device and entering the data into our ESRI ArcMap program.

You may see blue marks in the road or along your property as we continue to locate points.

A new Trimble unit was purchased in early 2016 to keep our database collection current with new technologies.

Our extensive GIS database and map includes various pipes, fittings, service lines, and main lines for the entire District. Also included in the data are backflow device locations, service cards, new water line construction projects, fire hydrant locations and data, and the water meter database.

Pictures of many of the points are also a part of the database.

As of May 2018 we have mapped over 90% of all the service connections and water mainlines in the system.

In addition to the GIS Master Map that is in the office, the map data is now available to all our field personnel via tablet computers, to assist with their daily operations. This greatly improves the efficiency of the field crews as they can quickly locate any water structure they need to complete their tasks.