Foyes Lane Water Main Installation Update

The first phase of a 3-phase construction project for the installation of a new 8” diameter High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) water main on Foyes Lane was completed at the end of June. Roughly 650’ of a total 2250’ of new main has thus far been installed. Going into the project, the KWD anticipated that ledge would be a major obstacle to the installation of the new main. With this in mind, we contracted with the experts at Allen Drilling and Blasting. They performed test borings to look for ledge, blasted the ledge where necessary, and performed seismic monitoring of the process all along the way. The project would not have been possible without the efforts of the blasting crew. Their attention to safety and damage avoidance is truly impressive.

The KWD also contracted with William Shapleigh and Son Construction Company to assist with digging and the hauling of materials. With the assistance of Will’s crew, a very difficult and tedious excavation process was made a bit easier, and we maintained daily progress. Thankfully, Shapleigh has a fleet of equipment sized to meet the needs of a project of this magnitude. The ledge removal proved challenging at every turn, as expected.

Our crew was also greatly challenged by the amount of ground water which continually inundated the trench. This was definitely NOT an expected challenge, but it proved a major one that had to be dealt with almost daily. The fusing of HDPE main in a trench takes a great deal of skill and preparation in the best of circumstances. Water in the trench is the farthest thing from the best of circumstances when fusing pipe. Our crew did a wonderful job overcoming all obstacles in the completion of the main for phase 1.

The overall process is quite time consuming. First, a temporary 4” water main had to be fused and installed above ground to provide water to our customers while the new 8” main was being installed. Temporary services had to be installed for each house along the way. Final services needed to be tapped on the new 8” main, as it was being installed. A new, well placed Fire Hydrant was installed on the 8” main. The KWD crew performed each of these tasks while doing their best to reduce traffic congestion, maintain a maximum of passable road, and limit the visible effects of an ongoing construction site on and near our customers property.

Phase 2 is already underway. We all hope to see less ledge, less water in the trench, and more progress each day. The KWD crew and our contractors will continue to do everything possible to minimize the impacts on our Foyes Lane customers, while achieving the greatest production possible.