District Election Rules

  • The Board of Trustees will schedule the date, hours and place of the Annual Election (staff recommends the third Wednesday of September annually)
  • The Board of Trustees will set the date Declaration of Candidacy Papers are available (60 days before Election date) and the deadline date, time and place they are to be returned (30 days prior to the Election) as recommended by staff
  • Candidacy Papers are to be returned to the KWD staff only
  • The Superintendent shall present Candidacy Papers received to the Board of Trustees no later than 30 days before the Election
  • The Board of Trustees will set the date, time and place absentee ballots are available and the deadline date, time and place to return ballots (available three full weeks prior to the Election not including Election week deadline to return absentee ballots is 7:00 p.m. Election Day at the polls) as recommended by staff
  • Staff will publish three notices in the newspaper for Declaration of Candidacy once each week during the 30 days before Declaration Papers are available
  • No more than one set of Declaration for Candidacy Papers can be taken out by a candidate
  • No write-in candidates will be allowed on the ballot for the Annual Election

Voter eligibility and proof of identity requirements:

All residents of Kittery and Kittery Point are eligible tovote. All Eliot and York customers and noncustomers residing in the amended district territory will be eligible to vote. Determination of eligibility for Eliot and York is by street address.

Requirements for voting eligibility and proof of identity:

  • Must be age 18+
  • Show residency by providing a State issued photo ID (driver’s license or State ID) including your address
  • Residency can also be proven by providing a current utility bill, vehicle registration, bank statement, lease agreement or pay stub

Warden’s guidelines for candidates “Do’s and Don’t’s at the polls

  • Candidates may be in attendance at the polling place
  • Candidates may shake hands with and greet voters coming to the polls
  • Candidates may state their name only
  • Candidates may not state the name of office they are running for
  • Candidates may not ask voters to vote for them
  • All of the above applies to family members and/or associates of the candidate as well
  • Political advertising is not permitted on public property within 250 feet of the polling place
  • Signs bearing political messages relating to an election may not be placed on public property within 250 feet of the polling place. This also applies to the absentee voting location (Water District building)
  • If a candidate will be greeting voters at the polling place, his/her car may not be parked on public property within 250 feet of the polling place if it has advertising material and/or political messages on it
  • Campaign buttons may be worn only by persons who are present in the polling place solely for the purpose of voting (dimension of button cannot be larger than 3 inches). A candidate, family member, or other associate of a candidate who is at the polls to greet voters may not wear a campaign button

If a candidate breaks the rules listed above, the Warden will ask that candidate and/or his/her family members to leave the polling place immediately