Water Data

Average Water Use

The average water use is 70 gallons per person per day.
Current cost of water from the KWD is $0.004 dollars per gallon.
Cost of water per person per day is less than $0.27 per day.

Water Conservation

Small water leaks, running toilets, dripping faucets, etc. can have a dramatic effect on the water supplied to your home and also your quarterly bill.

At 60 pounds of pressure (our normal system operating pressure) enormous quantities of water can go to waste. The following is a list of wasted gallons and quarterly cost based on a round opening.

Size of Hole Gallons per Quarter Cost
1/32" 19,000 $ 76
1/16" 74,000 $ 296
1/8" 296,000 $ 1,184
3/16" 652,000 $ 2,608
1/4" 1,181,000 $ 4,724

Water Meters

First let us consider the mechanism of a water meter.

It is without brain or heart or desire, and is the same today and tomorrow. It can not think, and therefore it cannot forget. It is not a generator of power and cannot run by itself. On the other hand, it consumes energy, and can run only when water is forced through it. In passing through the meter, the water is robbed of some of its energy to make the meter disc and gears move, and thus register the quantity of water that has passed through, and its speed varies directly with the quantity of water flowed by it. Should the meter do more than this, or overrun, it would automatically convert itself into a pump, delivering power to the water, instead of taking power from the water, and therefore would create energy and become the long sought after perpetual motion.

The water meter has to be set as near to the service entrance as possible. Rule 23 of the Rules and Regulations state that the home owner shall provide and maintain a clean, dry and warm place for the meter. The service pipe where the meter will be installed has to be free of benches, shelves, partitions or any obstruction that will not allow the installation or maintenance of the water meter.

If a water meter is broken due to freezing or damaged in any way, the homeowner is responsible for the cost of repairs and/or replacement of the meter.