Due to the Covid -19 virus all in person public Trustee meetings have been suspended until further notice.

Meetings are being conducted using Zoom.

Thank you for your understanding.

l to r –  Julia O’Connell, Caroline Rose, James Golter, Supt. Michael Rogers

The District is governed by a Board of Trustees. The Trustees are elected annually by the customers that reside in the Original District boundries.

This is a very specific area throughout Kittery and Kittery Point. These customers used their homes as collateral to fund the formation and incorporation of the District in 1907.

The Trustees serve staggered 3 year terms.

They meet once a week  to conduct routine business. Meetings are normally held on Wednesdays at 7:30 AM at the District Offices.

TRUSTEE                                                                 TERM                             EMAIL

Caroline Rose, President                                          2021             

James Golter , Treasurer                                          2023             

Julia O’Connell, Secretary                                        2022             




James E. Golter

Age:   61

Years residing in Kittery:  25

Career Experience: I have over 40 years of experience in the plumbing and heating industry. I have owned and operated J. Golter Plumbing & Heating since 1986. I am currently licensed in Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Objectives/Goals: As a Trustee of the Kittery Water District, my goal is to educate our water users on the various processes and regulations of the District and to help the community come together to maintain and protect our valuable resources.

Trustee Experience:

  • Served on the Kittery Water District Board of Trustees for the past 13 years.
  • Experience in water treatment systems and as a Trustee have visited multiple treatment plant facilities in Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts to assess their operations.
  • Worked to update the Kittery Water District’s Backflow Protection Program based on the State of Maine’s Public Utilities Commission Codes.
  • Have worked in conjunction with Wright Pierce Engineering on site pilot studies to explore treatment options.
  • Currently a member of Maine Rural Water Association, Maine Water Utilities and the New England Water Works Association.

Licenses Held:

ME Master Plumber #MS6900                                   ME Gas #PNT5909

ME Master #1 & #2 Oils 15 GPH #MS30012057    NH Master Plumber #2645

NH Gas #GFE0804488                                                  MA Master Plumber #PL16273-M

MA Journeyman Plumber #PL32851-J                     MA Gas Technician

RPZ Backflow Prevention Device Inspector/Tester Certification #0014199

Practical Experience:

  • Design and installed water treatment systems, pressure reducing stations and water booster systems in residential and commercial facilities.
  • Installed water mains and sewer piping.
  • Installed and serviced centrifugal water pumps.
  • Worked with Weston & Sampson Engineering, installing plumbing systems for the Kittery Sewer Leachate facility.
  • Worked for Phillips Exeter Academy for 20 years designing and installing water, sewer and steam condensate systems.
  • Installed fuel oil and LPG tanks both above and below ground.
  • Install and service hydronic and steam heating plants.




NAME: Caroline Rose, 47


BIO: I’ve been married for 21 years. Together we are raising our two teenage boys in the Kittery public school system.

EXPERIENCE: I bring over 20 years of professional administrative experience; including marketing, customer service, database management, disaster preparedness, and security protocols from the financial, real estate, and bio-tech industries. My strengths lie in project administration, implementation, and communication. My passion for nature led me to earn my Permaculture Design Certificate in 2014. Before Covid-19 I helped run Kittery’s Repair Cafe, where we kept over 1000 pounds out of Kittery’s landfill by repairing items that would otherwise be thrown out.

MOTIVATION: I want my children to enjoy abundant local low-cost water, free of unnecessary chemicals; a healthy vibrant watershed, and a safe reliable distribution system.

STATEMENT: There is an amazing group of dedicated public servants at The Kittery Water District. A couple simple changes could give this team more support, improve communication with customers, and expand the benefits we all enjoy as the result of their dedication. Infrastructure maintenance and upgrades are basic facts of life. Coordinating and implementing them demands attention to detail, clear communication, an ability to see where new problems are likely to arise, and a plan for addressing those issues before they become problems. I have been doing just that in the private sector for two decades.

Water Utilities deal with issues of Public Health, the Environment, and the local Economy. We are part of your daily lives.

I am not a politician. I care about Kittery, about the water, and about the earth. I’m willing to put in the time and to do the work. As a Trustee, I understand that I am protecting this resource for all of us to enjoy for generations to come.

For over 100 years the Kittery Water District has been managed by concerned citizens who have balanced the needs of the present against the unknown needs of the future. Their forward thinking has provided us with the best water in the area, at the lowest rates. It’s a tradition to be proud of and a mindset we should embrace.


Julia O’Connell, Trustee KWD       Bio and related work experience

Formal Education

BSN  Fairleigh Dickinson University

BS Health Studies   UNH

Groundwater course  WBNERR  (Waquoit Bay National Estuary Reserve)

Maine Rural Water Association – annual conferences and workshops including financial management of water districts

Registered Nurse   Thirty years experience in direct patient care and in high acuity settings, ie. research and teaching hospital UCSF (Aids epidemic during the 1980’s)  Emergency Dept., Oakland, Ca.

Governance  Experience  Town councilor,  Cotuit, Mass.

Small Business owner for over 40 years     (Nurse manager for home care cases  supervised up to 10 employees   Gardening and landscape business )

Legal Assistant  summarized depositions, researched  documents for SF, Ca. legal firms

Forest land management

Forest fire fighter California   Seasonal firefighter assisting hotshot crews with fire suppression

USFS  research assistant- Studied Effects of clearcutting versus strip cutting on the Hubbard Brook  Watershed, NH

USFS  forest aide on timber crew-   Performed stand exams, cruised and graded timber for  harvests,  marked stands for thinning and logging,  performed reforestation practices,  and control burns

Water Quality Testing and Monitoring

UNH zoology water research assistant

U-Mass water quality monitoring assistant –   5 year monthly data collection (dissolved oxygen, chlorophyll, particulants, nutrients, fecal coliform) of local waterways that enabled state funding to be awarded for cleanup of a river and a bay

Taught high school students basics of water testing and environmental concerns

Volunteer/ work–   Energy Committee Kittery        Solar Install Project Manager SEAREI Portsmouth, NH     Solarize program southern Maine,  End 68 hours of Hunger,  Mentor Program Kittery Public Schools