Superintendent’s Report

The 2015 Superintendent’s Report is available to view of download as PDF

Kittery Water District (KWD) Consumers:

The 2015 construction season was a busy one for our construction crew. In 2015, a total of 3,859 feet of replacement water mains were installed by our staff. One hundred percent of the piping material used on the four water main replacement projects was H.D.P.E pipe.

The following is a list of the improvements that were made to the District’s system in 2015:

Ciampa Drive, York: Roger Pratt Construction installed 333 feet of 4" IPS H.D.P.E. pipe and 2 water services $17,000.00*
Manson Road, Kittery: KWD and ted Berry Company installed 440 feet of 6" H.D.P.E. pipe and renewed 7 water services. (abandoned 426 feet of 6" A.C. pipe and 18 feet of 6" C.I. pipe) $42,295.00
Cutts Road / Picott Road, Kittery Cross Country Main: KWD and Ted Berry Company installed 1,566 feet of 12" H.D.P.E. pipe (Abandoned 1,566 feet of 12" C.I. pipe) $80,906.00
Cider Hill Road, York: KWD installed 1,545 feet of 12" H.D.P.E. pipe, replaced fire hydrant #17-Y and renewed 8 water services $130,483.00
Old Mast Road, York: KWD installed 40 feet of 8" H.D.P.E. pipe) $6,000.00
Mendum Ave., Kittery: KWD installed 268 feet of 4" H.D.P.E. pipe and renewed 7 water services $23,877.00
Ashley Morgan Court, Kittery: Shapleigh and Sons Construction and KWD installed 798 feet of 8" H.D.P.E. pipe,installed one fire hydrant #313-K and installed 9 water services $51,333.00**
Town of Kittery: KWD replaced fire hydrant #51-K with a 3 way model. KWD replaced fire hydrant #249-K with a 3 way model. KWD replaced fire hydrant #229-K with a 3 way model. $13,500.00
Town of Eliot: KWD replaced fire hydrant #16-E with a 3 way model. KWD replaced fire hydrant #17-E with a 3 way  model. $9,000.00
Services: Thirteen (13) new; Thirty-five (35) renewals $15,040.00
Meters: Thirty-three (33) new $23,408.00

KWD (Kittery Water District)
H.D.P.E. (High Density Polyethylene)

*Contribution in aid of construction funds paid directly by the developer, Rick Ciampa, and contributed to the Kittery Water District.

**Contribution in aid of construction funds paid directly by the developer, Peter Paul, and contributed to the Kittery Water District.

Meter Replacement and Meter Reading Technology Upgrade: Due to the age of our water meters, we have initiated a meter replacement program striving to replace 500 meters per year.  In addition, the new meters are being installed with a radio receiver and transmitter that allows the meters to be read by a radio signal directly from the meter reading vehicle. $60,555.00
York River, Scotland Bridge Road, York: Repairs to the 16" H.D.P.E. water main crossing the York River on Scotland Bridge Road. A deeper trench was dug, concrete collars installed on the pipe and then backfilled $55,039.00
Chemical Feeder, Filtration Plant: Replacement of the post lime dry chemical feeder at the filtration plant $8,000.00
TOTAL $536,436.00

Cost of electricity to pump 857,969,000 gallons of water:  $71,992.79

Water Processed in Gallons for the Year

Navy Base 446,855,200
Navy Quarters-metered services 9,395,882
Metered domestic services 244,507,781
Metered commercial services 51,505,859
Metered municipal services 25,618,783
Metered industrial services 34,894,200
Metered & Un-metered (non-revenue) 45,191,295
Total Water Processed 857,969,000
Average Daily Water Processed 2,350,600

Monthly Water Processed (Gallons)

Jan 101,762,000
Feb 82,629,000
Mar 95,644,000
Apr 91,286,000
May 62,569,000
Jun 51,748,000
Jul 56,170,000
Aug 54,706,000
Sep 51,497,000
Oct 65,809,000
Nov 72,821,000
Dec 71,328,000
Total Water Processed 857,969,000


Respectfully submitted,


Michael S. Rogers

Kittery Water District



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