Legal Notices

Bounds Describing the Territory of Said Legal Voters of Said District

This describes the Original District of the Kittery Water District

The following described territory, and the people within the same, namely: so much of the town of Kittery in the County of York, beginning:  At a point on Chauncey’s creek directly south to the base of Tenney’s hill, so called, and extending northerly to the tracks of the York Harbor and Beach Railroad; thence westerly by said railroad tracks to the west bank of Spruce Creek; thence northerly by said Spruce creek to the Post road; thence westerly by the Post road to James’ corner; thence north-westerly by the Spinney road to Spinney’s creek; thence southerly and easterly by Spinney’s creek, the Piscataqua river, Pepperell cove and Chauncey’s creek to the point of beginning, shall constitute a body politic and corporate under the name of the Kittery Water District, for the purpose of supplying the inhabitants of said District, and likewise of the remaining portion of said town of Kittery, with pure water for domestic and municipal purposes.

Those living within said bounds and of legal age, were constituted legal voters in said district


Street Index List-Original District-Updated 122820


Declaration of Candidacy for Trustee

The following Declaration of Candidacy for Trustee of Kittery Water District must be filed with the Board of Trustees of the Kittery Water District during business hours not less than 30 days prior to its Special Meeting to be held.


Name:  ______________________________________________________________________


Residence:   __________________________________________________________________


Mailing Address (if different):  ___________________________________________________


Telephone Number:  _______________________


I, _________________________ hereby declare that I am a candidate for the office of Trustee of Said Kittery Water District.


The Board of Trustees of Kittery Water District meets weekly.


____________________________                                                ____________________, 20 _____

Signature of Candidate                                                                                               Date