Foyes Lane Project Almost Complete


The roadbed on Foyes Lane being prepped for paving

Preliminary work on the Foyes Lane Water Main Replacement Project began on May 5, 2022 and the last water service was connected on September 6, 2022. During that time, a bypass water main was utilized to avoid interruptions to the customers water service as much of the water trench was drilled and blasted. The old water main that consisted of 100 year old 4 and 6 inch cast iron pipe was replaced with 2200 feet of 8 inch High Density Plolyethelene (HDPE) pipe. Also 3 old fire hydrants were replaced and 28 residential water services were renewed. This project will improve water flow to our customers and greatly improve flow to the hydrants there. Better water delivery to homes and better fire protection – a win-win. 

The entire road surface has been reclaimed and a base course of hot top is expected to be applied in the first week of November.

Kudos to our crew for a job well done !